THE N.E.O. Digital Acuity System

What Makes Our System Unique

Here are a few of the features that set us apart

Simple Setup

When this system was being designed, we had one goal in mind: simplicity. In just minutes your system will be set up and fully functional. Power and connection wires are hidden behind the unit for a sleek and modern look.

Simple Design

We’ve built only the most widely used acuity tests into this system. It provides you with every test you want, and none you don’t. This results in a simple, easy to memorize user interface for maximum efficiency.

Automatic Updates

All N.E.O. Panels are equipped with the capability to upgrade their software. With just one press of the button, the panel will connect to our servers to download the latest available version. This means your panel can stay optimized for free!

1-Year Limited Warranty

We know how important it is for you to see as many patients as possible. That is why, in the unlikely event the system malfunctions or breaks, we will send you a new one.

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Full Feature List

User Features

  • Complete Letter Randomization
  • Easy Menu Navigation
  • Durable 3.4 GHz Remote Control
  • Tests include:  Default Snellen, Rolling E’s, Rolling C’s, Numbers, Children, Cross Grid, Cross Cylinder
  • Horizontal Line Isolation
  • Vertical Line Isolation
  • Red/Green Color Test
  • Adjustable Distance Settings
  • Optotype Inversion

System Features

  • Free Automatic Updating (When Configured With Local Wi-Fi Network)
  • Quad Core Operating System (Faster Processing)
  • Wireless Remote Dongle Insert (Simple and Nearly Invisible)
  • Easy-Setup Instruction Guide
  • Supported Language: English

Package Contents:

  • 1 NEO Digital Acuity System
  • 1 High Definition Monitor
  • 1 Wall Mount
  • 1 Wireless Remote
  • Instruction and Calibration Manual
  • 1 USB Power Cable
  • 1 Monitor Wall-Power Cable

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